Part 1: Developing a Business Plan

Share Purchases and Change of Ownership

If the project involoves purchasing the shares or assets of an existing business, provide the following information:

Note: Never, ever sign an offer to purchase or other contract without the advice of a lawyer and/or professional accountant. If you are dealing with other finanical institutions or funding agencies (IE: SBA), you must contact the responsible officers before you make any legal commitments. If you enter into a legal commitment without prior authorization, some financial and funding agencies will not be able to provide financial assistance / loans toward the costs. Beware. Discuss with your financial and/or funding officer.
Purchase price
1. What is the purchase price?

2. Is is a share? or an asset purchase? State which it is.


3. Why is the present owner selling?


4. Was a business valuation done? Yes? No?

If yes, please attach to the business plan.

5. Is there an accepted offer to purcahse or a draft copy? Yes? No?

If yes, please attach to the business plan.

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