Sample Cost and Financing Sheet

The cost and financing section is important because it breaks down all of your start up costs and financing. Lenders want to know: How much will the start up going to cost? And how are you going to finance it? Very important, especially if you are approaching lending and funding agencies. This is the cost and financing sheet for our fictitous company, ABC Cleaners.

ABC Cleaners is approaching SPA for funding contributions, and a bank for a loan. This is how they are going to structure their financing.

ABC Cleaners
Projected Funding and Financing

Projected Costs


Capital & Operating $ Capital & Operating Amount %
Office furniture $12,500 Cash equity $12,950 10%
Computer equipment $7,500 SPA funding $71,225 55%
Telephone $5,000 Commercial financing $45,325 35%
Leasehold improvements $7,500      
Vehicles (3 vans) $60,000      
Cleaning equipment $15,000      
Legal $1,500      
Sign $1,000      
Working capital $5,000      
Inventory $15,000      
Sub total $129,500 Sub total 129,500 100%
Grand opening $1,000 Cash from operations $2,400 40%
Marketing $5,000 SPA funding $3,600 60%
Sub total $6,000 Sub total $6,000 100%
Business support
Business support
Mentoring & accounting $10,000 Cash from operations $2,500 25%
    SPA funding $7,500 75%
Sub total $10,000 Sub total $10,000 100%
Total project costs
Total project financing
Capital & operating $129,500 Cash equity $12,950 8.9%
Marketing $6,000 Cash from operations $4,900 3.4%
Business support $10,000 Commercial financing $45,325 31.2%
    SPA $82,325 56.6%
Grand Total $145,500 Grand Total $145,500 100%

Notice how everything balances out in each of the 3 sections, capital, marketing and business support. When putting together a cost and financing package, make sure all costs and financing balance out. Look closely at these figures and compare them to whats on the balance sheet. You will notice what items are included on the balance sheet such as the fixed assets, loan, equity and depreciation. This will help you place those items on the balance sheet.

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