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"A Complete Review Of One The Internet's Most Powerful Business Planning Software"

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General Impressions

PlanWrite for business is very similar to the expert edition that’s offered by Business Resource Software. The major difference between the two business planning software is the analysis. 

The expert edition contains an “Expert System Technology” to analyse your business to develop the perfect strategy.

The main reason to have the expert system technology is to make sure that your business plan contains all the necessary components to make sure that your business plan is:

• Well written 
• Polished and professional 
• Consistent and thorough 
• Complete

If you have a pretty good idea of your business strategy you might want to stick to the PlanWrite for Business edition. However, if you don’t really know what you’re strategy is, you might want to take a look at the Expert Edition since it uses a knowledge base of the published methodologies of 100+ experts in business planning to evaluate your business strategy.

Does this take away from the PlanWrite for Business Edition? Not at all. The PlanWrite for Business Edition contains all of the powerful features of the Expert Edition and can certainly help you produce a powerful business plan.

As discussed previously with the PlanWrite Expert Edition, Business Resource Software Inc. is one of the leading providers of marketing and business planning software. 

Their products have been used by thousands of businesses including American Express, MacDonalds, IBM Corp., AT&T, Century 21, Motorola, Shell Oil, Texas Instruments, Toyota, Wells Fargo Bank, Xerox and many others.

Business Resource Software has been around since 1989 and have become one of the leaders in business planning software.

The software is basically the same as the Expert Edition and has the great features plus it's super easy to use. The interface is easy on the eyes and it produces a great document. 

The planning process is step by step and you can customize your plan at any time. A great business planning software.

Who Is It Designed For?

  • Beginners
  • Full customization
  • Team collaboration

PlanWrite for Business is designed for those individuals who want a clean and professional plan without the big time frills of more expensive software. The software is easy to use and it's straight forward so it can be used by just about anyone who has a business idea.

The great thing about PlanWrite for business is that it can be used by professionals and new comers alike. The software can be fully customized.

What's In It?

PlanWrite for Business comes with all the necessary features you need to create a truly fantastic business plan. If you are a beginner to business planning, PlanWrite for Business provides step by step instructions and examples to help you create your business plan.

The plan wizard is easy to use and very helpful. There are hundreds of business plan examples to help you every step of the way.

When you first use the PlanWrite for Business Software, you might be thrown off a little with the business “offerings”.

Here are some of the features of the PlanWrite for Business software:


You are first asked a serious of questions that sets the "tone" for the business plan. These questions are based on critical factors such as the product/service, market, competition, and other questions pertaining to your business. Each topic is described in detail with guidelines for describing your business accurately and attractively.

As you describe each topic, the program explains the concept and suggests factors that should be considered as you write your plan. For example, the program will ask for information regarding the products market.

It will further break this down into smaller components such as the market share or market segmentation. The program will fully explain what this is and provide instruction and examples to help you put that concept together.

After you have looked at the rationale and read the examples, the program allows you to write the text for that part of the business plan.

This is a great feature of the software since it basically takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how each component fits. The program than puts these critical components in a neat and orderly fashion that "flows" throughout the document as a good business plan should.


After you've complete the text part of the business plan, PlanWrite for Business will guide you through your financial projections. This can be intimidating for some people but don't worry, PlanWrite for business makes this child's play.

The program will guide you through the financial assumptions page which will set the tone for the financial projections. You will be asked questions about receivables, payables, inventory, cash on hand, loans, investments and more but don't worry, the program will provide instructions and examples for each assumption.

After the financial assumptions, you will come to a spreadsheet with a detailed template. The template will guide you to project the revenues you expect to generate and the expenses required to generate those revenues. The projections are monthly for the first year and yearly thereafter up to 5 years.

If you are not sure what to add to each of the line items, don't worry. Simply position your mouse on the label and press down on the mouse button. A detailed explanation will appear on the screen to guide you all the way through.

Once you have completed your projected revenues and expenses, PlanWrite will automatically generate profits based on your forecasts. 

Once the profit and loss statement is finished, PlanWrite for Business automatically generates a balance sheet and cash flow statement that includes a source of funds statement. A fantastic program that generates the balance sheet and cash flow statement.

Once you have completed your financial projections, PlanWrite for Business will automatically come up with a number of financial ratios that will help you to understand your business a little better.

As well as understand you business, the ratios will help with lending institutions, funding agencies, and investors. Each ratio is described in detail.

PlanWrite automatically generates a break even analysis for your business.

PlanWrite for Business also comes with graphs and milestones. This way you can keep track of each goals and objectives while staying on track.


PlanWrite for Business can be fully customized. Every industry is different and if you need to add or delete new topics, PlanWrite allows you to do this. If you want to organize in such a way as to fit with your needs, you can do it. No worries, you can completely customize your business plan with PlanWrite for Business.

PlanWrite is also:

  • MS Word export compatible and MS Excel format financials
  • Single or multiple authors
  • Team Collaboration
  • Publish your plan to the web
  • Save any plan as a template


I enjoyed using the PlanWrite for Business software. There’s not a whole lot of difference between this software and the Expert Edition except for the analysis. Which one is best for you?

If you know you’re business strategy is perfect, than you might not need an expert analysis. On the other hand, if you are open to evaluation by an objective expert, use Expert Edition to consider all the factors that could influence your success.

Personally, if I was a beginner and didn’t know which direction to steer my business, I would probably want to use the Expert Edition because it can be a valuable resource when you don’t have a business planning expert around.

The PlanWrite for Business software is cost effective and super easy to use. At $30 or less it will sure help you save time and frustration.


PlanWrite software can be affordably purchased from Amazon for $30 or less.

Online Alternative Worth Exploring

There is a comprehensive online business plan writing course designed for companies that are seeking to attract funding. It reviews all aspects of the business plan and provides step by step instructions and templates. It is perfect for anyone that thrives on education and a structured program. Learn more and read the reviews.


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