Business Management Plan Sample

The following management plan is an example of how to structure your management plan for your particular business. Of course, every business is different and therefore, the management plan will also be different.

In this management plan sample, we will use our fictional company: Terra Engineering.

Terra Engineering Management Plan


Terra Engineering will be owned and operated as a partnership between Norm Johnson and Rupert Smith. This management structure is deemed sufficient and best suits the company's needs. Terra Engineering will seek qualified employees as the company begins to succeed in gaining work.

As Terra Engineering grows those employees deemed critical to providing technical services to clients will be offered incentives to maintain their continual services.

Management Profile

Mr. Johnson and Mr. Smith will draw upon their specialized education and experience to manage the overall operations and direction of the business to ensure its present and future success.

For almost two decades, both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Smith have invested time and money into becoming the environmental specialists they are today. Here are some of the key qualifications of both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Smith:

Mr. Johnson:

- Holds a Masters of Applied Science in Geological Engineering from the University of Minnesota;

- Holds a Bachelor of Science and Biology from the University of Chicago;

- Previous employment with Randolf and Associates as a environmental engineer;

- Managing position with Tiller Environmental Institute as an environmental engineer;

- Managing position with Barnes and Borland as chief mining geologist;

- Experienced manager of numerous environmental site assessments;

- Chief Mining engineer with Rogers Environmental;

- Vast experience with various specialized environmental software;

- Certificates in business administration and accounting.

Mr. Smith:

- Chief Environmental Engineer with Barnard and Barry Environmental;

- Reviewed, analysed and developed environmental policy for the application of Federal Environmental Assessment Act for federally funded economic development initiatives;

- Holds a Masters of Applied Science in Geological Engineering from the University of Colorado;

- Developed, reviewed and advised on term of reference and proposals for delineation and remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated sites;

- Vast knowledge of the proper field techniques required for environmental investigations which includes: bore hold installation, logging, soil sampling, quality assurance and quality control, groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling, test pit logging, rock core mapping and rock surficial mapping;

- Extensive computer skills with expertise in industry based software packages;

- Managing field positions with Parry and Pummel Environmental.

As identified, both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Smith have accumulated a number of specialized skills, and managed projects which will assist them in the successful management of the business.

As the owners of the company, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Smith will be required to fulfill the following key duties and responsibilities:

- Overall management of Terra Engineering;

- Establish and maintain client relationships;

- Maintain the alliances with Randolf and Associates and Barnard and Barry Environmental;

- Provide accurate and timely quotes/proposals as well as sales presentations to potential clients;

- Human resource management;

- Project management and direction;

- Oversee financial activities of the business;

- Provide direction and review work completed by the sub contractors;

- Deliver and complete all services of the company;

- Maintain all books;

- Maintain the business' assets and buildings.

Another key component to the management team is the proposed alliances with Randolf and Associates and Barnard and Barry Environmental. This alliance will bring technical support, administrative systems and processes that the business needs to operate.

The services provided by Randolf and Associates and Barnard and Barry Environmental are in line with the technical background of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Smith. Projects outside the technical realm of Terra Engineering will be sub contracted to Randolf and Associates or Barnard and Barry Environmental.

All legal expertise will be provided by Ken Major, who is a commercial lawyer.

As the start up of this company becomes more tangible, additional duties will arise. These duties can be time consuming and may affect the overall viability of the business. It is for these reasons that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Smith has hired McGraw Management Consulting to perform the following business support duties.

McGraw Management Consulting will ensure that all reporting requirements and accounting systems are completed and understood by Terra Engineering.

Terra Engineering will hire local and experienced chartered accountant to provide and prepare all financial reporting requirements of the company. This will include:

- Provide updates to lending institutions and government agencies including monthly reports and filing;

- Management of new marketing and administrative techniques; and

- Formalization of accounting systems to provide the necessary annual revenue and expense reports.

The estimated cost for this specialized service is $2,000 per year. Once these systems are in place, Mr. Johnson will take over these key functions.

Terra Engineering will determine the administrative, technical and drafting needs on an on-going basis. When sufficient work exists to maintain salaried staff in either realm, the appropriate personnel will be hired.

Overall, the management team is well suited to undertake the initiatives detailed in this plan and will provide Terra Engineering with a solid base from which to grow.

The proposed management plan has been carefully developed and will be maintained to ensure weaknesses are overcome and a solid foundation is in place for the company's immediate as well as future success.