The following section will outline the key services, pricing strategies, distribution methods and proposed promotional strategy of HTIT.

3.1 Key Services

HTIT will provide a diverse set of specialized IT services to its markets. The set of services that will be provided are among the industry's norm. Below is a list of the business' key IT services.

1. IT infrastructure for First Sectorial administration and offices

2. Provide training

3. Provide post service contracts and support

4. Asses band needs and customize system

1. IT infrastructure for First Sectorial administration and offices

This includes First Sectorial offices infrastructures including band offices, schools, policing stations, public works and other structures. Also includes First Sectorial organizations offices and administration. Each of these will involve being versed in the technical capacity of design and management. Information and communications technology strategies will be determined by the following method:

Assessment of Band office IT needs

HTIT will use a systems architect to establish the basic structure of the IT system. By defining the essential core design features and elements, it will provide the overall IT framework for the structure. In essence, HTIT will provide an assessment report which will outline the overall system and break it down into smaller sub systems. The assessment will outline:

• Overall design

• High level planning for the development of solutions

• Integration constraints - Rules and constraints for all components going into the solution

• Adherence to standards whenever possible - to maximize the future investment value and minimizing costs

• Customization for individual customer needs - understanding and recommending the best customization based upon the customer's needs.

Build Network

Once a systems architect is in place and approved by the client, HTIT will build the IT network. Using the overall design as the IT blueprint, a network will be built using the latest virtual technologies which will effectively lower overall cost.

Software Recommendations and Advice

HTIT will provide recommendations on the types of software needed. This will help improve band office efficiency and self-reliance.

Data security

In order to keep data protected from corruption and unauthorized access, HTIT will employ the use of the latest data protection technology. The focus is to ensure privacy while protecting sensitive and important First Sectorial information. HTIT will provide server room recommendations and authorizations for the First Sectorial and First Sectorial Organizations.


HTIT will provide recommendations and solutions to connectivity issues such as:

• Wireless versus wired

• Community internet recommendations

• Remote access and personal devices such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

• Cell phone and personal data device connectivity such as laptops, iOS devices, tablets, etc.

2. Provide training

It is very important that First Sectorial staff understand how to use and maintain IT technology. HTIT will ensure that staff and management receive the necessary training to maintain IT infrastructures. This will empower First Sectorial staff, management, and membership which will translate into a higher level of self-reliance, accountability and transparency.

3. Provide post service contracts and support

It is not only HTIT's intention to offer the technical skills of today to those communities with a vision and a desire to succeed but to ensure their IT infrastructure helps support that vision.

HTIT will provide ongoing IT support services on a contractual basis in order to keep data and communications flowing in an efficient and organized manner. HTIT will provide the following services:

• Ongoing remote support for the system – This will allow HTIT to connect remotely and repair, maintain and upgrade networks, hardware and software.

• Ensure the First Sectorial communities and organizations have up to date firmware and annual licensing

• Product updates

4. Asses band needs and customize system

HTIT will provide an IT assessment for First Sectorial and First Sectorial organizations to determine a custom solution.

3.2 Pricing Strategies

The HTIT will utilize pricing strategies that will allow for the opportunity to remain competitive and allow for the opportunity to gain projects designed to build reputation and trust. The following price breakdown will be the client charge out rate, obviously it will depend on the nature of the work required:

Service Hourly Rate

  Hourly Rate
IT infrastructure for First Sectorial administration and offices $120
Provide training $80
Provide post service contracts and support $80
Asses band needs and customize system $80

Mr. Hollate has over 14 years of direct IT servicing experience. The pricing structure above is very conservative and considered entry level pricings.

This pricing strategy is competitive compared to its mainstream and more importantly its Aboriginal competition. Travel costs and disbursements will be billed as extra. Included in the costs are all administration charges.

The following table illustrates the average time needed to complete a job in each of HTIT's core services.

Average Time

Service Time Required for Job
IT infrastructure and network 4 days on average to complete: Billable hours = 32 hours per job on average

2 days on average to complete: Billable hours = 16 hours per job on average

Post service contracts

1 year contracts

Custom system assessment 5 days average to complete: Billable hours = 40 hours on average

Typically an IT project can be broken down as follows:

  Percentage of Jobs Project
IT infrastructure for First Sectorial administration and offices 30% $120 per hour
Provide training 30% $80 per hour
Provide post service contracts and support 1 – 3 Service contracts per year $80 per hour
Asses band needs and customize system 30% $80 per hour

3.3 Distribution Strategy

The business will seek and retain IT contracts and services. All information technology assessments will be completed on site. If possible, HTIT will connect remotely and assess network problems. Once the assessment report is complete, HTIT will deliver the work either by regular mail, electronic mail, or in person.

Training will be delivered on site as well as providing custom manuals, which will be available online.

Service contracts will be assessed on site. HTIT will connect remotely to service networks and other IT infrastructure where possible. This will cut down on travel and accommodation costs.

The distribution strategies of the business are very time and cost effective and well within the industry norm.

3.4 Promotional Strategy

In terms of promotion, the HTIT needs to meet a certain level of activity and market reach given the geographical spread of its primary markets. The business' Eastern and Southern markets can be reached by using the local mediums to attain solid market reach. However, for the business' Northern markets, other forms of advertising mediums will be needed to successfully reach full market exposure. The incremental and on-going promotional strategy of the HTIT will accomplish the following goals and objectives:

• Ensure that the HTIT has and maintains an image of professionalism and quality;

• Ensure that HTIT's Southern, Northern, and Eastern First Sectorial markets are well educated of the entire service portfolio of the HTIT. Also, HTIT's markets will be provided with the required contact information to make project enquires;

• Establish a strong and trusted brand among the First Sectorial market;

• Establish and maintain a streamlined marketing approach with respect to marketing and promotional material;

• Successfully position the business within the First Sectorial IT services industry;

• Assist in generating a consistent level of revenues for the business

Below are the incremental and on-going promotional activities that the HTIT will implement upon opening the business.

The HTIT will use a streamlined approach to its marketing and promotional campaign. All material will use the same logos, tag lines, colours and look and feel in order to keep HTIT's brand and message consistent in order to avoid confusion.

Initially, the business will invest into the design and implementation of an identity and branding package. This package will be completed by a local and reputable professional. More specifically, the identity and branding package will include a company logo, business cards, company profile, letterhead, and envelopes. HTIT will also invest in a professional copy writer who will work with HTIT to establish strong sales copy on all promotional and sales literature (including the website). Although very straightforward, this will be done to demonstrate the professionalism of the HTIT. The identity and branding package items will be purchased in quantities deemed sufficient by Mr. Hollate.

Secondly, the business will design and implement a direct marketing campaign. This will be done through general mail or through a provincial wide Aboriginal specific newspaper's. Targeted direct mailings will be sent to HTIT's primary and secondary markets. Using professional sales copy, all direct mail campaigns will list specific services and benefits including a company portfolio and specific calls to action, including:

• Opt in to HTIT's leads and contacts list;

• Visit the company website;

• Call for additional services and other information;

• Direct sale

Market research has shown that roughly 35% of those First Sectorial contacted are interested in receiving marketing and promotional material from HTIT. Based on this research, HTIT will make direct marketing a priority/

Thirdly, The HTIT will invest into the development of an online marketing strategy. This will include a professionally developed website which will include the appropriate sales copy and content. The website will use the look and feel, including all images, logos, and tag lines developed from the identity and promotions package. It is important for HTIT to streamline all sales and promotional literature to consistently brand its image to primary and secondary markets. The online marketing strategy will focus on:

• Search engine optimization (SEO)

This will allow HTIT to build a structurally sound website from the foundation up. Search engine optimization will help ensure HTIT's website is indexed in the search engines for appropriate search terms. Higher search engine rankings will equate to higher, targeted traffic to the website. HTIT will also work with the SEO company to incorporate a structured leads and sales cycle.

• Sales copy and content

In order to convert website traffic into customers, HTIT will invest in professional copywriters to write all sales oriented pages. Using sales copywriting techniques, HTIT will structure all sales and services pages in order to attain the most responsive calls to action.

• Shopping cart

HTIT will also install shopping cart technology into the website. In doing so, HTIT will automate the sales process with regards to online sales.

HTIT will actively pursue online promotional activities which will allow the company to grow and prosper online: Online promotional activities include (but not limited to):

- Google Adwords

- Banner ads

- Text ads

- Facebook promotional ads

Online promotional activities will be used until the website is indexed in the more popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Fourthly, The HTIT will invest into the development of a trade show booth and will begin attending trade shows in Ontario. The business will have its trade show booth professionally designed by a reputable company in Ottawa. Within the IT services industry, this form of promotion is very effective and used widely by all active competitors. The costs outlined below for the trade show participation include travel costs.

Next, the business will invest into the development of professionally designed company apparel. The company apparel will display the company logo, colours and name along with other important information. The company apparel will consist of golf shirts, pants, sweaters and wind jackets. This will be done to add to the professional image of the business and provide a uniform presence. This will be a one-time purchase and will be done as employees are hired so that they can be properly fitted.

As with all businesses, The HTIT, once it has successfully attained and completed projects for its market, will begin to receive word of mouth advertising and referrals. This form of advertising is the best form, however, the business will not rely solely on this form of advertising.

The total costs for the incremental and on-going promotional activities are as follows:

  1. Identity and Branding Package (Graphics and logos) $3,000
  2. Direct Marketing Campaign $3,000
  3. Trade Show Booth Development $5,000
  4. Trade Show Participation $3,500
  5. Website Development (Includes SEO and written copy) $2,500
  6. Company Apparel $2,000

Total Costs $19,000





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