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“Are You Looking For A Free Business Card But
Don't Know Which One To Use?”

It doesn't matter what kind of business you're in, at some point your going to need a business card. Business cards are an essential component to your business and will become and important part of your overall sales system.

That is why it is so important to have a professional looking business card that contains your business' strongest sales message followed by a call to action.

Let me ask you a question, how many business cards have you collected over the last year? 10? 20? 50? And how many of those business cards have actually caught your eye? Have you ever noticed that most of the business cards that you have in your desk or brief case tend to sound the same?

Well, I think most entrepreneurs lose the purpose of the business card. You see, the business card is more than just having your name and phone number on it. The business card is part of your overall sales system. The business card will contain your business' strongest message or you main sales message.

I like to think of the business card as a short ad. It serves to generate interest. The business card will contain a strong sales message followed by the appropriate call to action, whether it be to send you an email, call you, visit your website or all three.

Alright, you get the message. Now where do you find business cards or better yet...

“A Free Business Card”

The great thing about a free business card, besides being free is that even if you gave out one card per day, you would almost have the whole year covered. So if you have any kind of business operation going, you can add some professionalism to your business and a positive image with a business card. Of course, your business card will have your marketing message and contact information on it.

So, you need a business card for your business, right? A free business card would be preferable but where do you go to get a free business card. There a are a few places on the internet that will allow you a free business card - some good and some bad.

I've come across one website that offers business cards for free and I have to say, it looks pretty good. I've often wondered how they can afford to give away free business cards but if they have the resources to offer this kind of deal, it's got to be pretty good.

So if you've developed your business and are now looking for some promotional items, a business card might just be what you're looking for (besides, it's a great way to test the waters). offers up to 250 free business cards. If you're looking for a business card without the frills, than you might want to look at these cards. The business cards are fairly plain but will get the job done.

The process is pretty simple. To get a free business card, simply follow three easy steps. First, you choose a design. Secondly, you add you text and thirdly, you place your order. Pretty simple process and everything is done from VistaPrint's website. Remember to have your text ready before you begin the process.

It's are pretty good deal for a pretty good product. Here's what you get with the business cards:

• 250 full-color business cards free
• 30 design choices
• Durable, premium grade card stock
• Pay only for shipping and handling

Shipping and handling will depend on where you live.

With the business cards, VistaPrint will have their logo printed on the back of your business card. If you can live with this, it shouldn't be a big deal. There is really no difference at all in terms of product quality between the free business card and the premium package. Both give you professional quality, CMYK process printing on heavy, 80 lb. card stock.

Good Luck!


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