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Palo Alto Software, Inc.

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Technical Support:
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Fax:(541) 683-6250

General Impressions

As discussed previously with Business Plan Pro 2005 Premier Edition, Palo Alto Software, Inc. is a well established and respected company that specializes in books, software and interactive tools designed for business and marketing. Palo Alto is dedicated to making sure their customers are 100% satisfied.

Business Plan Pro 2005 is a solid business planning software package that offers a wide range of tools for your business planning needs. It's a very user friendly software package that's both powerful and accurate.

Business Plan Pro 2005 contains a lot of the powerful features of the Premier Edition but not all of them. However, I feel that the software can help even the most novice of business planners.

Business Plan Pro 2005 can be downloaded instantly or sent in a CD format.

Who's it designed for?

• Beginners

Business Plan Pro 2005 is designed for individuals and business owners who want the power of more expensive software packages but without the steep price. Business Plan Pro 2005 is a popular business planning package and rightly so. It’s easy to use and it produces a professional business planning package.

The Business Plan Pro is a bare bones kind of business planning software that's both powerful and accurate. It has the powerful features of the Business Plan Pro 2005 Premier Edition but without the added frills.

Every page—from the cover and table of contents, to reports, charts, graphics and summary—is automatically organized to produce a plan that gets results.

If you have no clue as to what a business plan is and would like to create a quality business plan without hiring a professional consultant, than you might want to give the Business Plan Pro a try.

What's in it?

The Business Plan Pro 2005 is very similar to the Premier Edition in the sense that it contains a lot of the powerful features presented in the Premier Edition. However, it doesn’t contain some of the added features such as:

• Team planning
• Expanded sales forecasts
• Quarterly reports
• Excel imports
• Advanced cash planning
• Investment analysis
• Ability to build organizational charts
• Expanded personnel planning resource
• User defined tables
• 2nd year of monthly data
• Save your business plan as a template
• The ability to import and combine multiple business plans into one

However, the software package contains all you need to complete a first class business plan.

Like the Premier Edition, the Business Plan Pro 2005 comes with the easy plan wizard which walks you through the entire business planning process. The wizard will ask you a series of questions which you will answer based on your business.

The wizard will than select the outline, reports, charts, and tables your plan needs based on your responses. This way, you don’t have to guess what kind of format you need to use. The wizard will select the best format based on the kind of business you’re in.

The wizard will guide you through each topic, one step at a time. The Wizard asks you all of the right questions and sets up the optimal outline for your business concept.

This is a great feature because you don’t have to sit there wondering if you’re on the right track. You know you’re heading in the right direction with the easy plan wizard.

The wizard helps establishing your objectives, mission, and keys to success. Business Plan Pro uses a format that meets the most stringent requirements of banks, the SBA, investors, and venture capitalists.

Business Plan Pro offers the format that will best fit your business concept based on the simple "yes or no" questions you answer in the easy plan wizard. Your responses determine what outline is best.

All text, tables and charts are then collated to effectively communicate your concept to your audience. Your final document will be organized for you -- complete with a cover sheet, a table of contents and your selected appendices -- in a complete and impressive plan.

After your done, print your document and Business Plan Pro will automatically format your whole document for you. It will automatically merges text, tables and charts to produce a complete and "pretty" business plan.

Of course, you don't have to use the suggested outline. You can fully customize your business plan according to your needs.

As with the Business Plan Pro 2005 Premier Edition, the help and support is quite impressive. Every topic in the business planning process comes with complete instructions and examples whenever you need them.

If you find yourself stuck or unsure of something, the wizard provides specific instruction and examples to help you overcome obstacles in the creation of your business plan.

Don't worry about the financial projections. Business Plan Pro 2005 helps you all the way. Simply plug in your numbers (which the wizard helps you with) and the software will automatically create a balance sheet and cash flow statement.

If math scares the heck out of you, powerful tools are used in the program to do the math for you and guide through every entry. Business Plan Pro 2005 includes a detailed glossary of terms, searchable index, and all the specifics you need for each table and its formulas.

Here's what you get in the Business Plan Pro 2005:

• "Ask the Experts" resource

• Marketing research tools

• Complete text editing

• 3D automatic charting

• Publish your plan to SecurePlan.com

• Alternate Table Styles

• Use the Report Writer to print multiple business plan documents

• Preferred format, recognized and respected by banks, lenders, and the SBA

• Legal tools and resources provided by Nolo.com

• Funding tools and resources

• Plan activities

• 400+ Sample Plans

• Built-in Graphic Forecaster

• 8000+ Industry Profiles

• Easy To Use Tables

• Easy To Use Charts

• Built-in Formatting

• Venture Capital Database

• Import From Quickbooks

• Export to MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and HTML

• PowerPoint Presentation Templates


This is a great business planning software for those who know nothing about business planning. Business Plan Pro 2005 takes you through the entire process, including other aspects of the plan such as legal issues, step by step.

If you don’t want to dish out anymore that $100 for business planning software, you might want to take a close look at this software.



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System requirements

Windows® XP, 2000, ME, NT4, 98, 95.
Pentium processor® or comparable recommended.
Free disk space: 120MB typical.
RAM: Operating system minimum requirements.


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