What is a business plan format? What should go in a business plan?

Let's start by saying you don't have to be a business planning expert to understand how to put together a professional business plan. In fact, once you understand what goes into a business plan and what business plan format you want to use, you simple need to plug in the information.

Believe me, once you understand the correct business plan format, the process becomes so much easier. You see, by using a proper business plan format, you can see exactly what components are needed for a successful business plan.

This way, you don't have to guess where the information goes and you don't have to waste valuable time hoping the information is where it's supposed to be. Get it right the first time!

Identify exactly what you want to include in your business plan

By knowing what the format of a business plan should look like, you can include those items that are pertinent to your business plan. It is important to note that not all business plans are a “one-size-fits-all” remedy.

Every business is different and therefore, each business plan will be different. However, the business plan format will generally be the same, depending on your business type.

Once you understand the business plan format, you can either add or delete those items you consider to be important to your business. This way, you ensure that you're business plan is complete and professional so you can get the financing you need to get you're business going.

Whether your business plan is to be used for possible government grants, funds, or a loan, you will need to present a properly formatted business plan for the officer to even look at it.

I know what the business officers look for and believe me, if they don't find it on the first couple of pages, the plan gets tossed into the “send back” pile. Why not give you're readers exactly what they're looking for and in the right business plan format?

If you can get you're message across clearly and professionally, you will ensure that you're business plan gets the attention it deserves.

Understand the business plan format

It is important, however, to understand what each component of the business plan means. I've done some research over the internet and I've found that there wasn't a whole lot of quality information on business plan formatting.

Most of the sites I've visited presented you with an outline but lacked what each major component meant. What good is a marketing section when you don't know what a market segment is?

With that in mind, I decided to breakdown the major elements of a successful business plan and present you with an easy to understand business plan format, complete with descriptions and examples.

If you're ready to go forward, let's go through each of the major components of a business plan.

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