Get Noticed With The Right Business Card Design

Business card design can seem so simple. 

After all, what's there to do, you simply add in your company name, stick your contact information on it and your ready to go, right? 

The important thing you have to remember when you are looking for design for your business card is that your business card is part of your overall sales system. 

The actual business card design is very important but it will be the message that gets the attention of a perspective client. How many business cards have you collected in the past couple of months? And how many of those cards actually caught your eye?

woman holding blank business card

Good business card designs will always contain the sales message of a company and a full contact list. Remember to always include your companies sales message on your business cards.

This way, your card is not thrown in the trash or lost in a mess of business cards. Effective business cards will have the company's name, their sales message and the contact information. The business card's number one function is to generate interest, sort of like a very short ad.

For example, let's say the perspective client is slightly interested in your product and notices your web site's address on your business card and decides to visit the web site before she buys. Once she comes to the site, she's greeted by a fantastic sales page, loaded with benefits. 

If you structure your sales copy just right, chances of converting that client from an interested buyer to a buyer is a lot higher. 

Logos can also play an important part when you design your business cards. Just remember that your business logo shouldn't distract from the text of the business card. It should feed into the rest of the business card and not overpower the sales message. 

So remember, entice your client with your business card so they do one of three things.

  1. Call you
  2. Email you
  3. Visit your website

So, what is an effective business card design and where can you get them? Well, there are literally dozens of business card designs you can choose from. Personally, I like a business card design that's simple and easy to read.

I prefer a white background with an easy to read font and no fancy colors. Try and keep your business card design simple with no fancy fonts, otherwise, it distracts from the sales message and will end up in the trash.

Remember these points about your own business cards:

Keep it simple. No need to have a lot of graphics and fancy fonts. You want easy to read fonts and the only time you should have graphics or images is to back up the text on the card. If you have butterflies on your cards, your business better be about butterflies. No need to get fancy. Remember, you want the reader to take some sort of action and too much going on will dismiss your card as being too cheesy.

Have your cards professionally done. Your business cards are a reflection of your business. Cheap and messy cards say cheap and messy business. These cards are going to be in the hands of potential customers so don't get cheap.

Don't have your face or full body on the cards. Unless you're a real estate agent, don't do this.

Make sure your text and margins line up. Uneven text says a lot about you and your business so make sure the margins are tidy and lined up. Oh yeah, don't cut the cards yourself.

 The font size should be relatively the same on the card. Remember, your business cards are valuable real estate and you should only have your business name, a short selling point (catch phrase), some benefits, and call to action. Don't have anything else. You want these cards to be in the hands of interested people so don't get messy with the cards. 

 Stay with paper business cards. 

Always have your cards on hand, no matter where you go. Some of my biggest deals came from informal meetings with simple business card handouts.

Remember, be professional. Hot mail, yahoo, gmail, and other free email addresses says your cheap and unprofessional. Get your business domain registered and use it on your business cards.

You can generally get a pretty good price on a business card from your local print shop. Remember, before you go and order your business cards, you want to have everything in place. That is, you want your business name, motto or selling point just below it, list of your two or three strongest benefits, and call to action with your name, address, phone numbers, web site and email address. 


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