How Would You Like To Double Or Even Triple Your Online Sales?

How would you like to double or even triple your current sales?

  • How would you like to generate hundreds, even thousand more leads for your business?

  • How would you like to get your business in front of a targeted and hungry audience without spending a penny in advertising?

  • How would you like to gain more national even international exposure without having to spend thousands in joint venture, networking and advertising costs?

  • How would you like to dominate your current local marketing niche?

  • How would you like to use Facebook to generate more sales?

As a business owner, I’m sure this sounds all too good to be true. However, this is all possible if you can look at your business from a different angle. As more and more businesses compete for an ever shrinking market share it makes doing business and generating more sales harder and harder each and every day.

What if I was to tell you that you can grab a larger share of your market (locally, nationally and internationally) while reducing your advertising costs? That's right, REDUCING YOUR ADVERTISING COSTS!

Think about this for a moment. Did you know that Canadians are the heaviest internet users in the World? In fact, Canadians visit more websites and spend more time online shopping and looking for information than anyone else in the world. Roughly 86% of the Canadian population is online and that number is growing each and every day!

If you also take into account the following:

  • - Canadians online spending has risen to $22 billion and is expected to increase!
  • - 50% of online Canadians used the internet to order a product or service

It becomes apparent that more and more Canadians are buying online and that trend is only growing!

Did you know that only 41% of all Canadian businesses have a website or any type of online presence? It is very apparent that Canadian businesses are not keeping up to the increasing online growth and spending trend that is happening online. What does this mean to you as a hard working business owner in North Bay? It means you have an opportunity to do more sales, generate more leads and establish your online brand and presence locally, nationally and internationally.

I’ve been a professional digital marketer for over 13 years and I have built and operated successful online businesses that have attracted millions of hungry and targeted visitors to my websites (This can be verified!) without spending a cent in advertising!

I have built and operated successful online ventures for a myriad of businesses and organizations and have opened up doors for national and international business.

I have built and operated websites for local businesses and have helped them dominate their local online niche generating more local sales volume and valuable leads.

I have generated thousands of hungry Facebook followers and have used that audience to generate even more sales and leads (Hint: Facebook uses a certain recipe that if you can understand and follow you can potentially generate a flood of sales!)

What if I was to tell that by performing this one little tweak to your website you can potentially receive a flood of local online traffic to your website? This means more local residents visiting your business!
  • What if I was to tell that by adding these elements to your website can potentially mean hundreds more visitors to your website?

What if I was to tell that this simple strategy can build your leads list 5 times faster! Imagine building a hungry and targeted leads list in half the time!

  • What if I was to tell that by adding this simple element to your site you can potentially double or even triple your online sales and leave your competition in the dust?

Don’t have a website? Not a problem because I can build a website specifically designed and suited to your business needs. Not only that, I make sure your online business is set up for success. Your website will be prepared and poised to be a SUCCESSFUL online business because I’ll show you exactly how to do it!

I don’t just build websites… Anyone can do that.

I build successful online businesses (a big difference between the two!). I have the proof that I can do what I say I can do (just ask me and I’ll show you). I practice what I preach and I know which methods work and which ones don’t.

Let someone who knows show you how to double or even triple your online sales!

Call me today for a free phone consultation (or email me) and a FREE website evaluation ($50 value).

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